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Collaborations on Boost drive new sales with the best customer acquisition costs in the industry

Find the right collaboration for your brand

Once you have identified a partner, there are several different ways we help you two work together. 

We recognize that each brand is unique and there’s not a one size fits all solution when it comes to working together.

It’s why we offer four incredible ways of working together with other brands to start growing your audience and driving sales.


Partner with other brands to cross promote on the order thank you page.

This collaboration lets both brands tell a story at one of the most impactful moments of a customer’s journey, immediately after purchase.

The right partnerships strengthen your brand message and let customers know exactly who you are as a company.

Entice them to your store, creating a win for all parties involved. 

Email Collaborations on Boost

Email Campaigns

Send an email to your existing list highlighting a partner brand.

Determine the unique hook for what will delight both audiences and what discount you would like to offer for purchases.

Boost helps you track the progress of the campaign, seeing how many clicks and purchases it results in for both parties. 

Box Inserts

Be part of the unboxing process for your partner and drop a sample or a note in shipped orders.

Make sure to find a creative way to tell a story enhancing both brands in the process.

Boost generates a QR code that you print and send to your partner’s fulfillment team. The code directs the customer to your product page and applies the discount. 

We keep track of the number of visits and purchases automatically for you. 

Discover Group Giveaways on Boost

Social Giveaways

Promote each other on your social media accounts to grow your audience.  

Run a social giveaway with just one other brand or participate in a collective group giveaway. 

Boost helps all of the brands come together and gives you a link to each brand involved in the giveaway.

And more

Pitch another way to collaborate with the brand.

You know just by being part of the Boost community the other brand is interested an listening to partnership opportunities. 

We’ll provide you a link and track the the number of site visits and purchases the collaboration provides. 

Let's grow together

All with the best pricing model and rates in the industry. 

Learn how Boost tracks your growth and lower your CAC.

"We decided to give it a try after seeing how Boost works, how simple it is to get started, and how hands-off it is once it's running. It took at most 10 minutes to go live on Boost and we got our first referral and sale minutes later.

I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."