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You can pick if you want the traffic to go to your homepage or to the product page.

You get to pick. When you create the offer you get to pick is this for all products in your store or a single product. We want people to be able to create compelling stories on the order thank you page.

You sell a bunch of snacks and want to pair only your vegan cookie line with a vegan milk company because you think it tells the perfect story, we give you the power to do just that.  

It’s complicated, but the short story is we try to increase the profitability for the store displaying the offer on their order check out page. We look at factors like the commission rate, average cart size for the store, how compelling the discount is to the customer, and our expected conversion rate to help us get a good guess at how much money it could bring you. There’s a lottery process that happens on our end where the best options have the highest chance of winning and randomly pick one. We’re pretty good at guessing what is going to be successful for you and the longer the offers are live the better our predictions become. 

No. You can partner with other brands on Boost in ways that does not involve putting a widget on your order thank you page. It’s up to each partnership how you would like to work together. 

We do not throttle your traffic. Other companies rely on traffic sharing scenarios to measure value and will throttle you as a result. We rely on an exchange of value called money. The exchange of money removes these confusing and limiting traffic sharing scenarios and keeps your brand and brand story front and center. 

We don’t advertise all the brands on Boost. When you get signed up we ask you to join some collaborations that share a similar mission and target a similar demographic to your store. Immediately after joining a collaboration, you can see brands that are already on Boost. 

We also make it really easy to invite other stores to our community. We know how important it is to find the right match, this is what really reinforces your brand message to your customers immediately after purchase. 

We’re building a community and a very intentional product. We don’t want a brand to come in and start pitching every single company on the platform. 

Drop us a line (Settings -> Support) and we’ll review your account and see what we can do. Let us know what collaboration you’re looking to be a part of.

Keep in mind, you get unlimited private collaborations you can join. We only limit the public-facing collaborations you can join. 

You vet 100% of the partnerships for your brand. Even for brands you have worked with in the past, you approve 100% of the upcoming partnerships with them. You’re always in control on Boost. 

At this time yes. This is how Boost knows the order came from our platform. All discounts are one-time use codes.

We routinely see the stronger the discount, the higher the click thru and purchase rates. 

You have three types of discounts you can offer the customer. Each type you have the option to set a prerequisite amount of spend in order to unlock the discount. 

  • Free Shipping: Free shipping on all orders
  • Percentage Discount: 10% off all orders
  • Money Discount: $10 off all orders

Yes. You set the countries you operate in and we only send you referrals for customers in those countries. 

We only offer English and USD at this time. The founder of Boost loves to travel and speaks multiple languages, so we definitely understand the importance of this. Drop us a note in the chat in the bottom right corner, we would love to hear what language you want next. 

See our Pricing page for money-related questions. 

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"We decided to give it a try after seeing how Boost works, how simple it is to get started, and how hands-off it is once it's running. It took at most 10 minutes to go live on Boost and we got our first referral and sale minutes later.

I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."