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We has a vibrant community of brands that are looking to grow together. 

Form partnerships, decide how to collaborate and grow together.


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There’s a variety of ways that brands work together on Boost.

We recognize that each brand is unique and there’s not a one size fits all solution when it comes to working together.


Cross-promote on the order thank you page

Email Campaigns

Cross-promote via an email campaign

Box Inserts

Drop a sample or a note in shipped orders

Social Giveaways

Run a social giveaway together


Share your other ideas on how to partner

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We have a wide variety of settings you need to leverage the full power of our community. 

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"We decided to give it a try after seeing how Boost works, how simple it is to get started, and how hands-off it is once it's running. It took at most 10 minutes to go live on Boost and we got our first referral and sale minutes later.

I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."