Partnerships that strengthen your brand

And help you sell more

Tell your story and enhance your brand

In case it wasn’t clear already, we are BIG believers in the power of stories.

Your brand tells a story and when these stories resonate with a customer, they result in sales. The Boost app is the continuation of this story and gives you an opportunity to reinforce customer’s purchase decisions immediately after checkout. 

The right partnerships strengthen your brand message and let customers know exactly who you are as a company.

Boost - Discover Collaborations

Find your next partner
We make it easy to find collaborations to join. Collaborations are where like-minded brands targeting the same customer demographic come together. You pick the ones that aren’t competitors and will help tell your story the best.

Invite your existing partners
Boost is a free app, so it’s easy to invite your friends and partners into the community. We often see stores or brands give our app a trial run just to see if we work as promised. When they realize how much money can be made through our app and how easy it is to use they invite other brands to join in on the fun.

We limit the number of collaborations that any one brand can join so as to not spam the community. We also have some collaborations that include a minimum monthly Shopify sales amount, you only see these collaborations on the discover page if your store qualifies.

Private collaborations
Already have a group of brands you work together with? Create a private collaboration on the platform and keep it just as private.

Create new offers in minutes

You’ve already got enough on your plate.

We make it simple to create and manage your offers with other brands. An offer is what we call our little widget that shows on your order thank you page. 

Create new offers with ease
Offers get created in three easy steps:

  1. Pick your partner
  2. Select when to show the offer and where you want someone to land when they click. You can show the offer for all sales on your site or only when a certain product is sold.
  3. Adjust your messaging for the offer and watch as it adjusts the customer-facing widget.

Adjust your offers on the fly
You always have full control over your brand and messaging with Boost. You approve offers before they go live and can always pause any that don’t quite right yet.

Entice the customer to your store with discounts
Use free shipping, money off or a percentage off discounts as incentives for customers to come to your store. You can also use  pre-requisites to encourage people to purchase more from your store. 

Select the commission rate you like for the partnership
You see and set the commission rate for all offers before they go live. Select different amounts for different partners. 

Boost - Create Recommendation

Hands off when needed

Have multiple partnerships live on Boost? We make it easy to set it and forget it.

Boost is not one of those tools that require a ton of over-site and management.  Our algorithm automatically picks from the approved offers that will earn you the most commissions, super easy!

Track the value of your partnerships

Stop tracking the value of your partnerships in social shares, likes, and email signups. 

Boost shows a tangible metric for measuring partner success: money! You’ll see the success of your partnerships in the form of actual sales and commission revenue.

See how each offer is performing 
See the number of impressions, clicks, and purchases on all offers. You see the click-through rate and the conversion rate of the visits. Depending on your role in the partnership, you will see either the total sales or total commissions you received from the offer.

See the total new sales
Track where new sales are coming from in Boost. You will see the total number of new sales and what offers/partners bring you the most business. 

Watch as additional profits come in
Every time you refer a customer to one of your partners, they’ll send you some cash as thanks. This money is pure profits and can really make a difference for your store. 

Track your discount performance
See how your discounts stack up across all of your offers. Are there some discounts that convert better than others? 

Boost - Show Offer

We're here for you

We have a wide variety of settings you need to leverage the full power of our community. 

After you sign up, we’ll have your back on any questions or concerns. We’re here to help and generally respond within 24 hours.

"We decided to give it a try after seeing how Boost works, how simple it is to get started, and how hands-off it is once it's running. It took at most 10 minutes to go live on Boost and we got our first referral and sale minutes later.

I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."