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Quantify your collaboration efforts

We give you the data you need to show how your marketing efforts are driving new customers. 

You can track how each collaboration is doing as well as how much you have earned on across all your partnerships. 

Track Results

We have a variety of reporting tools to help you see how your collaboration efforts are impacting your business.

See how any given collaboration is driving traffic to your site or how all of your efforts are progressing over time. 

Reports that are both simple and detailed enough to make any marketer happy. 

Track new sales

See the total amount of new sales any collaobration or all of your collaborations are driving. 

See the costs

See how much you are paying for the customers you are acquiring through the Boost community. 

Watch traffic numbers

See the number of new visitors all of you campaigns are driving to your site.

Notification settings in Boost

You're always in control

Control every aspect of your journey on Boost.

From how many notifications you receive, what you want to be notified about, how your brand is depicted on the network, the discounts you want to offer new customers, to what countries you want to target. 

You also have complete control over all of the partnerships you form on Boost. You can start or end any collaboration at any time.

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There are no monthly fees to join Boost. We only take a small cut of the commission generated for the referring partner. In other words, you only pay when you make money.

We are confident that Boost has the best pricing in the industry. It’s what makes this a no-brainer for brands to join our community. 

Because we are all better together.

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I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."