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Better partnership requests. Every time.

A DM collaboration request doesn't have to be an intensive research project, save time with our Pitch Us page.

Your Own Pitch Us Page

We’ve all received the cold “Hey, let’s do a collab!” DM with all too little or way too much information. It kicks off a long message exchange that ends up taking both parties time and energy.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had all of the information you needed without all of the tedious back and forth?

Boost makes your life so much easier. Refer any potential partner to your pitch us page and we’ll walk them through a quick partnership request. You’ll receive a standardized partnership request containing everything you need and nothing you don’t, saving everyone involved a bunch of time.

Quick setup

Setting up your pitch us page takes just a couple of minutes. You enter your audiences, a little information about your brand and set the collaborations you’re interested in on Boost. 

You also have control over what details you want to share up front or wait until a partnership is in place to share. 

Your pitch us page is accessible to anyone you share the link with.

Example pitch us page on Boost

Share it with others

Direct those who reach out to you to your pitch us page. We give you a handy copy and paste response you can send them to save even more time.

You can even send your pitch us page in any outreach efforts to give brands a better understanding of your brand and what it’s like working with you. 

See for yourself how easy it should be to respond to potential collaboration requests. 


Receive Better Pitches

Your potential partners go through a quick partnership request process. They’ll add our free app and we’ll pull some key metrics from their store.

We package their request and provide you with something that looks really similar to your pitch us page. You have all of the information you need to see if the partner is a good fit.

Quickly decide if you would this is a partnership opportunity you would like to further explore. Not a fit? Just a click of a button and we’ll handle the rest.

Boost Pitch Received Example

It's collaboration time!

Now that you found your partner, it’s time to start leveraging the power of collaborations on Boost. 

Learn how Boost will help you both grow your audience and increase your sales together. 

"We decided to give it a try after seeing how Boost works, how simple it is to get started, and how hands-off it is once it's running. It took at most 10 minutes to go live on Boost and we got our first referral and sale minutes later.

I would say that if you haven't tried this yet then what are you waiting for? It's an absolute no-brainer."